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    Manufacturer: Dragon Link

    High Performance NANO GPS

    High Performance NANO GPS. Pre-Wired, plug and play for Dragon Link Receivers and OSD
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    High Performance Nano Size GPS, plug and play for all Dragon Link Receivers and OSD.  This GPS is super small for use in Mini Copters.  At 20 X 20 MM and 12 Grams, this GPS will fit the smallest copters.  The smaller antenna on this GPS has less receive sensivity so we recommend this GPS be used only where tiny and light is absolutely needed.... For small planes, and medium sized copters we recommend the High Performance GPS model.   This is the latest UBLOX MN8 GPS that gives real time, lightning fast updates, and incredible accuracy, outperforming previous generation GPS units by a large amount.  This GPS has cable and plug to plug into any Dragon Link Product and work instnatly.  


    SIZE:    20 MM Square  X  10 MM Thick

    CABLE:   19 Inches ( 50 CM )

    WEIGHT:  12 GRAMS with Cable