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    Manufacturer: Dragon Link

    Dragon Link Advanced Complete System ( NO BLUETOOTH)

    Dragon Link Advanced Complete System without the Bluetooth capability. This system has the same performance and features of the V3 Advanced minus the Bluetooth.
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    EXACTLY the same performance and features of the Dragon Link Advanced, only with no bluetooth capability.   Full telemetry still available via USB, UEXP port, and SD Card.  The Dragon Link Advanced has all the performance of the older V3 Large, just in a super small package so that you do not even notice it on your RC transmitter.  We did not compromise on the Dragon V3 Advanced Slim, we kept all the great features and gave it even more power at 1000 mW.  We made it easier than ever to connect to your RC transmitter and be fully automatic, so there is no hassle and no extra steps before you fly.  Constructed using the best performing, high quality componenets, latest and most advanced technology available.   This system is built to outperform everything else on market and last for many years.   It is not cheap, but it will be the best FPV investment you will make.

    Typical Range of more than 60 KM with stock antennas.
    Full Bidirectional Telemetry - Telemetry Range varies with receiver type and data rate used.
    Built in serial Radio Modem.
    Full MAVLINK SUPPORT, works with TOWER, MISSION PLANNER, and Others.
    Built in Bluetooth for display of telemetry on any android Smartphone or Tablet.
    Fully configurable using PC software.
    Lost plane finder - Locate where your plane went down using GPS location.
    Easy, noticable multicolor LED for instant status monitoring.
    Audible alarms ( For Low Voltage in Copters, Low RSSI, Etc )
    Full Logging of flight, position, etc. on Removable SD card. ( In Development )
    Spectrum Analyzer.
    Super Fast update rates available for Racers and obstacle flyers.
    Hassle free, no extra steps operation for those that want basic experience. 
    Fully compatible with Existing Dragon Link Micro Receivers ( Full Bidirectional )
    It is Dragon Link, it will outperform anything in existence.

    The Dragon Link complete system is made in the USA, and FULLY GUARANTEED in the USA.  The system includes everything you need for long range and high performance RC control, there is nothing additional to purchase.  Just order the complete system, and chose the correct options above for your RC Transmitter connection cables and airplane antenna options.  NOTE:  The Dragon Link system is for RC control only, it does not transmit or affect video transmission in any way.


    Everything you see in the above pictures ! Note: This system now ships with the Advanced Micro RX!
    1 Long Range V3 Advanced Slim Transmitter
    1 Long Range Advanced Micro Receiver
    1 Genuine Nagoya Transmitter Antenna
    1 High Performance FPVPro Receiver Antenna
    1 Connection Cable for Transmitter Module


    Transmitter Module Voltage: 5 - 18 Volts (2-4 cell LiPo)
    Receiver Voltage:  5 - 9 Volts (UBEC or 2 cell LiPo)
    Transmitter Output Power:   1000 mW
    Frequency:  433 MHZ - Frequency Hopping in ARS Band.
    Typical Range:   40 KM Using Supplied Antennas
    Weight:    90 Grams
    Length:    79 Millimeters
    Width:      60 Millimeters
    Thickness:  15 Millimeters